Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

Learn also a little bit about various cake flavors, frostings and fillings so that you know the difference between the royal icing, fondant, butter cream, ganache, etc.

* Toppers – You can decorate the cake with toppers. Try to incorporate her style in the cake decor. For e.g., bride and groom figurines, flower heads in icing, wedding dress, etc. Keep in mind that it should reflect her personality.Always keep in mind that the bridal shower cake should be inspired from the bride. It must be suitable to her style and personality. You will find a variety of mesmerizing bridal shower cakes on the internet and the websites dedicated to bakery and confectionery.

Reed added the importance of the including of wedding cake topper in the 1927 mail order catalog form Sears, Roebuck and Company: “The idea of wedding toppers in general and bride and groom toppers in particular had expanded enough in 1927 for the Sears and Roebuck mail order catalog it include a whole page of wedding cake ornaments. The following year Slack Manufacturing offered bride and groom figures made of celluloid. The bride wore a paper dress and the groom wore a paper suit. Both figures were about two and a half inches tall.”

7. Don't leave the table out. The table that the grooms cake sits on should be decorated as well. You could use greenery, fabric or strawberries. You could also use items that have meaning to the groom such as a childhood photo.

It is hard to think about wedding cakes and not be awed. Some of the creations bakers will come up to please their clients can be considered masterpieces. Theses are some of their best work, and you almost hate to eat them. That is at least until you taste them.

As a side note, the terms wedding cake toppings, wedding cake toppers, wedding cake ornaments, or wedding figurines are pretty much completely interchangeable. The term Wedding Cake Toppers usually refers to bride and groom figurines placed on top of the wedding cake that are made of Paper Mache, Plastic, Porcelain, Polymer Clay, or even high tech Thermoplastic. While wedding cake toppings, usually bride and groom figurines, made of out of shaped and colored icing may also be referred to as “icingtons.”

In closing the myriad of cake boxes all serve the functions of protecting and storing the cake. You will have different types of boxes that range for cupcakes, wedding cakes, and ordinary ones. For people who want to get fancy with what they do, there are boxes that can be personalized and even ones that have different colors associated with them.

2. Wedding cake decoration - Today, you can choose from a variety of cake decorations. For rolled fondants, the decorating ideas are limitless. On the other hand, if you like butter cream, your best choice for the decorations are silk flowers and fresh flowers. Bear in mind that butter cream melts fast. Do not choose butter cream if you are planning the big date during summer.